Welcome to our website! We are a self-insured fund that covers our Participant’s statutory workers’ compensation requirements. Builders Trust of New Mexico serves construction industry related companies that are members of the New Mexico Home Builders Association. The original mission of the fund was to serve the home building industry. Today we have a diverse base of Participants that include residential & commercial contractors, suppliers and a host of industry related businesses. We provide the best services and value for your workers’ compensation needs. We are governed by a Board of Trustees who are owners of construction related companies just like the ones we serve. They represent various sectors of the industry and have their businesses throughout New Mexico.

We are not just another insurance carrier. We are a self-insured fund which allows us to focus on our Participants and their needs. One difference is our attitude toward risk. We have experienced Field Safety staff that will consult and perform safety training classes for our Participant/Owners to help reduce risk on the jobsite. After all, we all know that having accidents (a work comp claim, auto claim, etc…) may cause your premiums to go up. We work in partnership with you to enhance the level of your safety culture to help ensure your workers go home to their families every day. We have developed a unique program called Safety First. In the first two years of the program, accidents have been reduced by 40% for the Participants in the program. This is just one example of how we are proactive in assisting our Participants to reduce their work comp cost.

Our website has a lot of information and links available at your fingertips, ranging from our online service,BT-PAL (Builders Trust-Participant & Agent Link), to other benefits for you and your business. Check out all the different tabs.

If you’re not with Builders Trust, give us a call to find out the many benefits of being in a self-insured workers compensation fund. Should you need any assistance or have comments, please don’t hesitate to contact our Service Center Department at 505-345-3477 or at 800-640-3369. 

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Randy L. Akin
Chief Operating Officer
Builders Trust of New Mexico